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Disclaimer: This is an adult collectible art toy. This is not a toy for kids.

PAYDAY by Nate Van Dyke (Color Version)

It’s time to get paid! Chimps don’t want bananas anymore, they want cold hard green cash! San Francisco illustrator and artist transforms his hard-lined chimps into a bad-ass, bank-robbin’, vinyl figure! Equipped with a gun, money bag and removable walrus mask to throw off the scared humans.

Limited to 500 pieces and packaged with a mini comic book. Measures 5.5 inches tall.
Price: $35

Please contact us here if interested in this piece.

by Scrills
The Cookies Mob runs deep.


Buds Blind Box Series III

Featuring designs from MAD, Jesse Ledoux, Yuck, Jon Burgerman, FERG, Superdeux, Aesthetic Apparatus, VanBeater, Pedini, Kenn munk, saurkids, Jim Koch, Frank Kozik, oooOOOooo (Brian Morris) and Muttpop.

Price: $250 (25 pieces per box)
Please contact us here if interested in this item.

by Scrills
The Cookies Mob runs deep.


I came across this article showcasing 60 different custom toy designs. For those who are not familiar with what is meant by custom toy design – the toy itself is a blank canvas, usually all white with no paint and an artist or designer gets to paint them or customize them whichever way they want. I love looking at custom designs because it really gives people a chance to be super creative with what they come up with. It’s also a really good form of expression for an artist or anybody in general. The article has 60 really cool designs, some great stuff to look at. I’ve posted my top 10 below but go here to check them all out and decide on your top 10.

by Scrills
The Cookies Mob runs deep.


I was making the rounds of my daily web hunts and caught an interesting article about designer toys and the art auction house – Phillips de Pury. To keep the suspense going, I’ll just let you go here to read the piece but I do have to say that it’s interesting to see auction houses start to take designer toys more seriously. It’s definitely a great thing for brands like us because people will start to understand that this is a serious art form. These toys are for adult collectors and there’s a huge community built around it. Go check out the article and here’s a couple of pics from the Phillips website. If you have a few dollars to spare, there’s definitely some good pieces here…and when I said a few dollars, I hope you know I meant in the hundreds and thousands. This is an art auction after all…

by Scrills
The Cookies Mob runs deep.