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If you know our brand, you should know who KITO is. If not, KITO says “nice to meet you”. He’s our first in house designer toy and is part of The Cookies Mob. You may have noticed him on some of our clothing and if not, you definitely will as we continue to grow. For now, check out the artwork below of KITO in different colorways. We’ll also be doing a DIY one where you can customize/paint the whole body yourself. We’re super excited about KITO! So should you. You can check out the first sculpt of KITO as a clay figure here and then as a white prototype here.

This is the original KITO artwork and color…

then came these guys and we’ll probably still play around with some more colors and body artwork…We’re also going to have some amazing artists customize some KITO pieces…

I can’t wait! and did you see this yet? KITO hits the streets.

by Scrills
The Cookies Mob runs deep!